Helping Families Seek Needed Protection

“Marta” separated from her partner and children’s father due to his increasing emotional abuse, jealousy, and attempts to control her behavior in and out of the home.  After she left with the children, the partner’s behavior became threatening and erratic.  He left her a series of voicemails and text messages threatening to kill himself, or Marta and her parents, or to take the children. 

Legal Aid assisted Marta in obtaining a civil protection order, which included protection for the children.  As a result, her partner agreed to attend regular therapy, and was given supervised parenting time with the children.  The Protection Order has prevented further threatening communication or actions against Marta, and she is able to monitor his contact with the children closely to ensure that it is safe and appropriate.  When the case concluded, Marta wrote to her Legal Aid attorney:  “My family and I thank you from the heart for your representation and support on this case. May you receive more blessings and success.”