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Our Services


• Representing tenants in eviction

• Representing homeowners to prevent foreclosure

• Preventing lockout or utility cutoff by landlords

• Improving neighborhood housing

Employment and Income

• Resolving legal problems that interfere with job training or employment

• Securing unpaid wages

• Expanding employment opportunities for persons with disabilities

Domestic Violence

• Securing protection orders

• Resolving custody and visitation

• Representing in divorce proceedings

• Coordinating community services Education


• Addressing special education needs

• Promoting parental involvement

• Preventing suspension and expulsion

Child Safety

• Serving as attorney and guardian ad litem in abuse, dependency, and neglect cases

….And much more

We work with individuals and community groups on a wide variety of issues.

• Neighborhood safety

• Child welfare and foster care services

• Termination or denial of Food Stamps, medical assistance, or income benefits

• SSI and Social Security denials and terminations

• Veterans, unemployment, and disability claims

• Access to health and mental health care services

• Medicaid eligibility

• Consumer problems

• Immigration

• Probate, guardianship, and adoption

Our Mission

To resolve serious legal problems of low-income people, promote economic and family stability and reduce poverty through effective legal assistance.
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