Veteran seeks Legal Aid for assistance in Housing case

Mr. R., a veteran who served in the military for 16 years and received an honorable discharge, contacted Legal Aid for assistance concerned that he would lose his Housing Choice Voucher.  He discovered Cincinnati Metropolitan Housing Authority (CMHA) was trying to terminate his Voucher because his responses to his annual re-certification were incomplete.  Mr. R. struggled with a mental health disability and needed case management services.  His situation was exacerbated by the stress of his recent unemployment.  The Legal Aid attorney requested a hearing for the voucher termination, and submitted a reasonable accommodation request for CMHA’s coordination with the client’s new VA social worker supported by a letter from the VA psychiatrist.  Thanks to Legal Aids efforts, CMHA granted the reasonable accommodation and withdrew its voucher termination.  Mr. R was able to set up a new repayment agreement with CMHA for the amount owed.  The client has remained in his apartment with his Housing Choice Voucher and continues to receive case management services from his VA social worker.